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Posted Mar 14, 2011 at 11:18 AM by Smith Yewell

Many people have been asking me about our team in our Tokyo office, and I am happy to report that they are all safe.  Thank you so much for the well wishes.  Our people in Japan really appreciate the support.

We heard from Shinji, our Manager in Tokyo, throughout the weekend, and I have included our last update from Shinji below.

Our primary concern is the safety our colleagues, clients and their families.

Regarding our work: No data has been lost, but obviously the timing of some deliverables will be impacted. Everyone in our company will do their best to support our colleagues in Japan as they manage through the aftermath of this disaster.

The company has provided assistance through a donation to the Red Cross. If you feel you would also like to offer support please visit the Red Cross website or any other reputable support organization of your choice.

To our colleagues and clients in Japan, stay strong, be safe and our thoughts are with you.


Last update from Shinji:

There have been aftershocks almost every half hour since the big one hit us, and we expect this to go on for a while. We honestly don’t know what to expect, how safe it is to go back into the city area, or what. There is also a warning/forecast of another 7.0M aftershock (70% chance) predicted to happen, but when no one knows.

Because of all the devastation and nuclear reactor explosions, energy, gas, electricity, etc are nearly depleted. In order to help the situation of energy, surrounding regions will be having a schedule electricity outage to save and share this energy. Although the heart of Tokyo (also the heart of Japan basically) will not be affected by this power outage for obvious reasons (there would be literal chaos), there are still concerns of being able to use public transportation.

Therefore, some staff may not be able to make It to work, and some deliveries may be affected. We will do our best to work this out of course, but your patience and understanding is well appreciated. Although we are all ruthless at work, I know we all have hearts ;-)


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