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Posted Oct 10, 2012 at 3:01 PM by Smith Yewell

Welocalize has been championing open collaboration for many years now.  We feel that interoperability across the translation supply chain is key to gaining efficiency and predictable scalability.   Translation word rates have reached their lower limits putting even more pressure on reducing total cost through automation of logistics and administration across the supply chain.  Here are some of the things we have been working on lately.

Translation Services API in collaboration with TAUS:  We need to be able to do more than pass common files across the supply chain.  We need to be able to directly connect different translation support systems and tools.  Most interoperability efforts for translation processes have focused on file formats. This made sense when systems were not interdependent. In today’s environment, where services are increasingly hosted in the cloud, web APIs offer the ability to simplify the process while allowing a complex task to be broken down into several small and simple requests.

Collaboration on the open source OmegaT translation memory tool: We have been developing the OmegaT tool to run MT productivity tests for several of our key accounts. Our objective is to develop additional functionality as a MT productivity evaluation tool and a platform to gather other MT metrics (confidence scoring, automation scores, MT vs. fuzzy matches, error type analysis and correction submission). We are also working on integrating the OmegaT editing tool as a translation/post-editing workbench connected to GlobalSight.

LocLeaders Forum: we have been hosting LocLeaders Forums with our clients and vendors for several years now, and they have proved to be very worthwhile for all attending.  Our next Forum is October 17th in Seattle.  Please join us!


I like machinery translation,but I think a good method to solve the translation and other complex solution should be the data storage on 3-dimension,all the things could be resolved.

I am very interested in joining the forum but I was not able to register through the link you provided, it says "registration not available". How else can I register?

No problem Emre. I'll pass them your name to get you registered.

See you at the event, Smith

very nice blog and every one knows that hiring Translation service companies is very important for the success of business, I have found very interesting tools in this blog and I will follow it plz keep sharing more interesting posts. thanks a lot and great work Mr.Smith

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