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Posted Oct 14, 2009 at 7:52 AM by Smith Yewell

2010 Priorities

Towards the end of each year, many companies begin a process of defining their priorities for the following year. This is a relatively simple process at Welocalize, because our priorities have not changed. Our priorities have been and will remain what we call our 4-Pillars:

· Customer Service
· Quality
· Innovation
· Global Teamwork

Something that does change each year is our set of goals, and I have set the bar high for 2010.

Our goal is to be rated by our customers as their top performing partner in each of the 4-Pillars.

All of our 9 offices and 393 people worldwide have been working very hard and doing a great job to fine tune processes for optimal performance, and I believe we are in position to strive for the top of the industry in each Pillar.

We will be reaching out to our customers at the close of each quarter to request their opinion and ranking of Welocalize in each of the 4-Pillars. The feedback we receive will be used in a continuous improvement loop to support our relentless drive to the top in each Pillar; and we will not stop there – we will do everything possible to push the boundaries of improvement to STAY at the top of each Pillar.


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